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4740 Reed Rd, Upper Arlington, OH, 43220
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Reviewed 9.13.13 - Lunch

There are 10 locations in the Columbus area.

Noodles and Company is a great little place! It's in the fast-food category of restaurants but has next to nothing in common with traditional fast-food.   For not quite 2 times what you would pay for a combo meal at another establishment, you can get quite a nice meal that feels NOTHING like fast food.  Given the name, pasta is the star player here, but they also offer 3 main course salads and 3 types of soups if pasta is not your thing.  Recently they have added a few sandwich choices.  There is a definite "healthy attitude" in this place and you can see it everywhere, from the availability of nutritional information, to the fresh veggies, organic tofu and milk, and their willingness to change and modify all of their dishes to meet your every dietary restriction or preference.

They are open Sun. - Wed. 11am - 9pm, and Thurs - Saturday 11am - 10pm.

Kid Basics:

  • No Kids menu - but they do offer a kids sized fountain drink and organic milk.
  • High chairs
  • Boosters
  • Changing tables in the women's AND men's room
  • no activity sheets

What we like:

  • The Food! Excellent quality, freshness, and taste.
  • The helpful attitude. Figuring out how and what to order your first time in is a bit of a challenge.
  • Outdoor seating available.
  • The chopsticks and kids chopstick helpers. Trust us, your kids will love them.
  • Very crisp and clean.

You should know:

  • Although they don't have a dedicated kids menu, the "Small" portion is a great size for kids and if your kids are really little, you could even split that.
  • The "Buttered Noodles" come with spices(they will leave them off if you request) and a bit too much melted butter. Next time we will order the butter on the side.
  • The parmesan cheese is shredded, not powdered, so if your kids only like Kraft original, request it on the side too.

Grown-Up Stuff:

  • Some location sell beer and wine.

Noodles & Company was ranked #1 Healthiest Fast-Food Restaurant by Health Magazine.

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